Reporting directly to the pre-sales manager, the pre-sales engineer’s role is to introduce and guarantee the technical and functional offer to prospects and clients, according to established rules and procedures.

Main duties: 

Experience with BI solutions (Tableau and Power BI)

  • Offer a concrete experience of Tableau and Power BI solution deployment on clients’ premises (for instance: corporate use cases, administration matters, technical expertise on workbooks, installation processes, etc.
  • Answer the questions of the R&D team regarding configuration, sizing, usage, typical issues with Tableau and Power BI software.
  • Design product training material.
  • Work in cooperation with the COE in order to provide Tableau and Power BI solutions training for the 360Suite team (sales, pre-sales and R&D).
  • Work with the R&D team to contribute to the product roadmap based on Tableau and Power BI.
  • Work with the R&D team to test products and provide feedback for improvements.

Manage pre-sales activities in North America

  • Guarantee pre-sales processes and activity for all business cases.
  • Collaborate with and support sales engineers during the phases of the business process.
  • Ensure that the products and solutions matches the prospects’ requirements and assist sales regarding technical qualifications.
  • Prepare and provide technical presentations and discussions during phone conferences to detail our solutions to existing and potential clients.
  • Contribute to the technical and functional parts of the commercial proposal.
  • Occasional international travel in order to attend trade/showcase/exhibition and events.
  • Recommend new features and use cases for product development.
  • Maintain pre-sales CRM data and details with special care regarding the data quality.
  • Ensure with the global VP Sales that the product demonstration, proof of concept and client/prospect support ticket review processes are implemented.
  • Work with the VP Sales on pre-sales product demonstration material.

Address bid solicitations or commercial proposals

  • Work with clients in order to evaluate product and research needs and determine possible solutions.
  • Draft coherent technological solutions along with technical design management.
  • Perform proof-of-concept or feasibility demonstrations.
  • Convert design briefs into actual specifications for the R&D department.

Trade negotiation

  • Assist sales engineers with clients in order to bring technical support and insight about the company’s offer.
  • Assist sales engineers in order to generate extra revenue from existing clients (upsales).
  • Perform technical demonstrations, give product presentations to decision makers and/or users.
  • Answer technical questions and secure client’s decision making.

Continuous training: 

  • Maintain expert-grade knowledge of Tableau, Power BI and 360Suite products.
  • Test new product versions.

Secondary duties: 

  • Ensure the respect of specific ethical rules and proper operation while keeping in touch with the company’s culture and values
  • Contribute to marketing material that requires pre-sales participation (for instance, webinars, tutorials, etc.)
  • Use gained experience with the project in order to implement the solution. The pre-sales engineer provides expertise in order to ensure proper operation and reinforce trust bonds with clients.

Main skills 

  • Business English.
  • At least two years of experience with Tableau or Power BI.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience with BusinessObjects is an advantage.
  • Information collection, problem-solving abilities. Capable of providing organizational optimization solutions.
  • Ease of expression.
  • Able to organize work.
  • Sense for business and relational ease when in contact with clients.

Workplace: Montreal, CANADA
Contract type: Permanent full-time contract


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